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Free Patterns

      Spiderlegs Quilt, using Italy fat eighth pack, 
                                             by Aylin from aylin-nilya.blogspot.de

    Criss Cross Quilt, using Lipari and Ruby Red charm 
by Sigrid Bachhuber, Germany
Amazing Quilt by Julia Oakshott, using Oakshott 
                                       Impressions fabrics 
    On The Line by Alexandra Ledgerwood of teaginny 
                                          designs, using Oakshott Impressions fabrics
     Spring Quarter Quilt by Alexandra Ledgerwood 
                                          of teaginny designs, using Oakshott Impressions fabrics
   Sunrise Pattern by Broni Greenberg
   Japanese Pear Pincushion, Instructions and 
 by Quiltingsusy
    Cheerful Baby Playmat & Toy Bag 
                                             by Julia Oakshott
    Chevron Bag by Rosemary Archer
Free patterns using Oakshott fabrics from Helen Howes :-
Please feel free to download these other free patterns
    Beaded Workbag by Rosemary Archer
    Streak of Lightning quilt by Valerie Nesbitt
    Fast Flying Geese quilt by Valerie Nesbitt
      Colourshott Bag
    Spice Tail