The purchase of a Fat Quarter Pack from the Oakshott stand at the Festival of Quilts led Bill Burrows of Cheltenham, UK, to create this quilt: WilliamBurroughs
"The quilt was my own idea ... the solid, dense structure and colours of the Oakshott mercerised shot fabric was perfect for lots of small panels. A less solid colour fabric would have looked wishy-washy.
The strong fabric is lovely to work with, easy to cut and it keeps its position beautifully while sewing. It has that slight sheen which the mercerising process gives the fabric."
Although, Bill does live close enough to drop by occasionally for more fabric and kindly says:
 "I am treated really well and you go to great lengths to find what I am looking for."
So thanks for sharing the beautiful end result with us Bill.

Oct 20, 2015


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