Daddy Wore Pink

That's the name of this quilt Valerie designed for a guild challenge to use at least three sizes of flying geese.  We love the story behind the inspiration; every memory can be an inspiration one day!
"Oakshott reminds me of the suit fabric my dad wore, and back when it wasn't popular for men to wear pink daddy did. Mama would buy his clothes to wear to church, and he'd always get compliments." 2014-10Valerie1

Lucky Sisters

What do you do for special birthday when you have six sisters? A quilt of course. Valerie made the following for one of the 50th birthdays and called it Bountiful Bouquet of Blessings: 2014-10Valerie2smallValerie buys her Oakshott from Maria Tamaoka of  

Nov 28, 2014


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