Nicky, of mrsssewandsow.blogspot, has had her Lavender Knots quilt published in Quilt Now. She says:
Your Oakshotts really make the impact from afar and draw the eye in for a closer look at the more detailed Liberty fabrics.  So thrilled it works at a distance and close up.  Liberty and Oakshott make for a winning team!  Hope you like it.
2015-01-Lavender_Knots_3 2015-01Lavender_KnotsFor the curious, the fabrics Nicky used from the Oakshott Colourshott collection were: Nicky said:
They were a joy to work with! Looking forward to seeing Scandinavia* when it comes out.
*What is this rumour? Hang on in there, more to follow about an exciting new collection soon...    

Jan 14, 2015


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