Lynne Goldsworthy of Lily's Quilts has brought together eight projects from eight fantastic designers based in the UK, the USA and Australia, using Oakshott Scandinavia.  They are going out over the next two weeks and all the hops are listed out below so you can come back to this post and see where to go to next: Scandi Lynne says:
Scandinavia is a line of shot cottons shot with cream so that they create a beautiful gentle palette and I am so excited to see what everyone is going to do with them.
The blog hop stops are listed out below and I hope you enjoy the inspiration you find there. Bear in mind that different time zones may mean that the posts appear later on in the day.
4 May  - Sarah Sharp 5 May  - Heather Scrimnscher  6 May  - Amy Sinibaldi 7 May  - Rossie Hutchinson 11 May - Elaine Poplin 12 May - Sarah Fielke 13 May - Nicholas Ball 14 May - Lori Landerberger

May 04, 2015


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