A great visual effect with this mini quilt called Prism Plant Pot from Quilts From the Attic. Nick is a truly creative fan of Oakshott fabrics and we love his designs. He says this one was arrived at:
"After much thought and lots of fabric petting"
Quilts From The Attic-mini The blogpost will fill you with confidence to carry out paper piecing, blocking, quilting; and gives you all measurements and fabric info you'll need to create this tangential piece. All the fabrics were used out of the Lipari Fat Eighths pack for the blocks, but Nick kept back the Milazzo and Pollara for the background and side and acquired some extra Scandinavia Uppsala for the top. He has certainly brought out the jewel-like qualities of this fabric collection. LIPXF8_Lipari-Fat-8ths-Pack_18cols

May 12, 2016


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