This blog on Red Pepper Quilts just got our fingers itching to start one of our own – so striking the way it underlines why traditional blocks are so timeless. We are so glad Rita's 'creative mood and timing' coincided! 2014-11Bucket List Quilt 1 Rita's tutorial is very clear. Clear enough for you to adapt easily to your own quilt size and colourways, though we love the Colourshotts she has chosen (and that she lists them so clearly!)
"Beautiful Oakshott fabrics! It is difficult to capture in a photo just how lovely the weave of these fabrics is. Oakshott Colourshott fabric has a shot weave with a warp and weft of different tones - which creates a beautiful luminous and iridescent hue."
Really looking forward to seeing what her sister,  Karen Terrens (long arm professional quilter), is going to do next. If you are inspired to make your own Bucket List quilt then do send us a photo of your creation.

Nov 21, 2014


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