Clearance offers of up to 1/3rd off Lakes, Lipari, Ruby Reds and Scandinavia and 20% off Colourshott and Autumn between 26 December 2015 and 4 January 2016. Click on a collection image below to take you to that collection for availability. Order before 9am on Monday 4 January for ½ price shipping (excludes samples only orders). Lakes: LakesFacebookHeader Lipari: Lipari Fat8th200x260 Ruby Reds:     2014-09Ruby RedsSmallBosna_Quilt_Oakshott_RBG Scandinavia: ScandiLogs Colourshotts: Oakshott Colourshott F8 Mini Packs_groupsm Autumn: AUTXF8_Autumn Fat Eighths Pack21 Colours (01-21) All other promotions are suspended during this clearance period.

Dec 25, 2015


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