• 2016 MAQF Best Use of Color

    March 01, 2016

    Congratulations to Mary Menzer who won 'Best Use of Color' for 'Quilt it Wright' in the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, February 2016.
    "This is my all Oakshott quilt inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. I love my Oakshotts!  Thanks for making a great product."
    MaryMenzer-MAQS-Winner ... and thanks Mary for making such great use of them. Read all about Mary's making journey and get some fantastic tips from her great five part description at  FairlyMerry blog where she describes her whole improv process, piecing, threads, basting, quilting, re-jigging, binding, and so on. Read more
  • What's not to love?

    June 05, 2015

    The very busy Karen Lewis has been doing some dreamy work in Leeds using Scandinavia on a kaleidoscope block (out of Joyce Gieszler's book Then and Now Quilts). Do visit her Karen Lewis Textiles blog to see more pics and her working process. She said things like:
    I wanted to print a design that would leave a lot of the beautiful Oakshott fabric showing through It is a paper pieced pattern which is a process I have actually grown to love I settled on the idea of a matchstick spiral I think I may be a convert to this method [for binding]...it used half the fabric...what's not to love? As for the original bundle of Scandinavia shot cottons...what a dream they were to print on and sew with...I will certainly be doing that again.
    and here's the final result: 2015-06KarenLewisTextilesScandi Read more
  • Off Course

    November 06, 2014

    Modern Quilt Guild member Judy Murphy upgraded her Janome 7700 to an 8900, invested in a whole roll of wool batting so she would always have some to hand, and sent us photos of her seriously lovely quilt, Off Course. Read all about the process (and gain some handy hints, particularly on binding and on the design process) on her blog, www.quiltparadigm.blogspot.co.uk [caption id="attachment_570" align="aligncenter" width="600"]OffCourseFront2 Front: Off Course[/caption] [caption id="attachment_567" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Back: Off Course Back: Off Course[/caption] The New Colourshott fabrics Judy used are, for the background, Vintage Silver (COTX28), Charcoal (COTX29), Black (COTX30) and Amalfi (COTX32); the blues are Banda (COTX16), Timor (COTX17) and Celebes (COTX18); and the pinks/purples are Lilac (COTX19), Sweet Pea (COTX20) and Dusk (COTX21). [caption id="attachment_571" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Quilting detail Quilting detail[/caption]
    "The combo of the sheen on the Isocord and the colors of the Oakshotts is nothing short of amazing! Oh, and the weight of these cottons? They are as heavy as any of the other quality quilting cotton I use. It is not thin and it is not 'see through.' I cannot wait to make another quilt with Colourshotts"
    Read more