• Fantabulous Sunrise

    December 02, 2015

    Laureen has sent us this information (and very kind words) about her traditional American log cabin pattern of 12 inch light/dark blocks, which she has named Sunrise:
    "The attached photos are just to show you what your fantabulous woven cotton fabrics have done for me.  Here is my latest Oakshott cotton quilt." LaureenBedell1 "I like your cottons which are astonishing in their depth of color and lustre.  They make quilting to my mind quite painterly.  Until I found your cotton I worked almost always in Japanese patterned fabrics.  Now I am finding a whole new dimension in plain vibrant colors, with a sheen to them that never quits." LaureenBedell3
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  • Is the quilting world ready for Scandinavia?

    February 27, 2015

    Scandinavia is the name of Oakshott Fabrics' newest shot cotton collection. Scandinavia range_ruched1 The inspiration for this palette of eight calm, muted tones of vaporous blues, soft greys, milky whites and  woody shades comes from the clean, bright, airy colours of stylish Scandinavian interiors and the ethereal quality of northern winter light. We've had great fun drawing up a Scandinavia board on Pinterest full of images that echo these luminous colours. To celebrate the launch of Scandinavia Leanne Chahley  designed this beautiful  quilt/wallhanging (given a sneak preview at QuiltCon in Texas) called Hint: USE-Hint-front   We love the graphic shapes and the texture the quilting gives the fabrics. The kit for Hint is available in two sizes (40" x 40" / 102 cm x 102 cm or 84"x 84" / 213 cm x 213 cm) complete with the fabric (enough for front and back) and a pattern booklet with template. We hope you enjoy banishing the winter doldrums with these luscious Nordic lights. Read more
  • Off Course

    November 06, 2014

    Modern Quilt Guild member Judy Murphy upgraded her Janome 7700 to an 8900, invested in a whole roll of wool batting so she would always have some to hand, and sent us photos of her seriously lovely quilt, Off Course. Read all about the process (and gain some handy hints, particularly on binding and on the design process) on her blog, www.quiltparadigm.blogspot.co.uk [caption id="attachment_570" align="aligncenter" width="600"]OffCourseFront2 Front: Off Course[/caption] [caption id="attachment_567" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Back: Off Course Back: Off Course[/caption] The New Colourshott fabrics Judy used are, for the background, Vintage Silver (COTX28), Charcoal (COTX29), Black (COTX30) and Amalfi (COTX32); the blues are Banda (COTX16), Timor (COTX17) and Celebes (COTX18); and the pinks/purples are Lilac (COTX19), Sweet Pea (COTX20) and Dusk (COTX21). [caption id="attachment_571" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Quilting detail Quilting detail[/caption]
    "The combo of the sheen on the Isocord and the colors of the Oakshotts is nothing short of amazing! Oh, and the weight of these cottons? They are as heavy as any of the other quality quilting cotton I use. It is not thin and it is not 'see through.' I cannot wait to make another quilt with Colourshotts"
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  • Knock Out Neighbourhood in Colourshott

    October 29, 2014

    This amazing new modern quilt has been created using Oakshott Colourshott (and Kona) fabrics by Michelle of Factotum of Arts in North Carolina, USA, and is just as delicious from front or back; can you say which is which?NeighbourhoodBack_BiltmoreConservatory NeighbourhoodFront_BiltmoreConservatory Do have a look at her blog, factotum-of-arts.com, it's full of inspirational pictures, quilts, tutorials and design tips – and keep fingers crossed that the Neighbourhood quilt is selected for this year's Quiltcon in Texas! Read more
  • Lakes challenge

    October 14, 2014

    Thanks Jessica of Quilty Habit for your poetic words about Lakes, "shimmery wonderfulness" for a start! Also thanks for posting such great instructions for a gorgeous table runner she designed as part of Sew Mama Sew's Oakshott Challenge (highlights being released 22-25 October).
    Shot cottons change colors in the light - you have to see it to really believe it. I love these Oakshott fabrics because they are a bit thicker and easier to work with than quilting cotton (in my opinion). Plus, they have more dimensionality than regular solid quilting cotton. So, so pretty. Plus, these colors were my favorites - purples to pinks to a wide range of blues. Mmm.
    2014-10JessicatablerunnerIf you want to see more pictures, learn about traditional blocks, half-square/half-rectangle triangles (HST/HRT), marking radiating stars, improvisational curves, threads, double-siding ... then do go to the tutorial on her blog.
    You can see (pics on blog) how the Oakshott colors change depending on the light and where you stand in the room. Seriously amazing! Oh, and I love how the quilting from the front made hexagons on the back. :)
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