• Careful with curves

    April 22, 2015

    "I have at last finished this quilt made from your lovely fabrics. I am only sorry I did not get it professionally photoed as it  does not do your Oakshott fabrics justice."  Caroline Lloyd
    2015-04CarolineLloydIt is certainly a lovely result! We had a quick chat with Caroline about how she approached this project and gathered the following pertinent facts:
    • the design is all Caroline's own and came out of her interest in curved seams and her curiosity about how to work on a large curved scheme;
    • cutting and placing those curves needs careful attention since it is very easy to go wrong;
    • the seams were machined together but the quilting was by hand;
    • it took Caroline three years to finish after purchasing the fabrics because she found she needed whole chunks of day to be able to concentrate on getting the curves right.
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