• Bags to elephants

    July 10, 2014

    Kate Evans let her imagination run wild with a whole load of Oakshott fabrics. She says: "I'm not sure the pictures do justice to the wonderful colours and effects of the fabrics." Very kind Kate but they certainly made us smile. 2014-07KateEvans Read more
  • Lipari Free Motion Magic

    May 30, 2014

    See how Krista's Lipari Cosmic Star was transformed by Janet's free motion skills: 2014-05Hennebury 12014-05Hennebury 2 Krista called her blog Luminescence Defined and emailed us with:
    'thank you for sharing your incredibly beautiful fabric'
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  • We simply love the Ruby Reds!

    May 09, 2014

    [caption id="attachment_126" align="aligncenter" width="528"]Ruby Reds in Circles and Crescents Ruby Reds in Circles and Crescents[/caption] Say Jutta and Anka of quilt-around-the-world.com. They wrote to us in English and German so we thought we'd publish both and add Italian  for good measure (anybody else out there want to contribute translations, of this or other posts?)
    After a tour through the city of Bath and a subsequent visit to the Oakshott Warehouse where Michael and his wife welcomed us in summer 2013, the idea for this wallhanging was born. It is called Circles & Crescents and was designed to use the entire Ruby Red collection. Although the quilt includes many curved Drunkard's Path seams, it is a lot easier to make than it appears. You will find a detailed pattern on our website (Quilt around the World members can download it for free) and a kit including pattern and all the precut pieces in our webshop (in collaboration with Quilthouse Purgstall, Austria). If you prefer to do the cutting yourself, we suggest that you buy the Ruby Reds fat quarter pack. This gives you a little extra fabric for smaller projects and leaves some margin for cutting accidents.
    [expand title="

    For readers of Deutsch:

    Wir sind absolut begeistert von den Ruby Reds!"] Nach einer Stadtführung durch Bath, dem berühmten Kurort im Westen von England, haben wir Oakshott Fabrics im Sommer 2013 einen Besuch abgestattet, wo wir von Michael und seiner Frau sehr freundlich empfangen wurden. Hier ist die Idee für diesen Wandbehang entstanden. Er heißt KreisRund und spielt auf die runden und halbrunden Plätze an, die so charakteristisch sind für Bath. In dem Quilt ist die gesamte Ruby-Red-Kollektion verarbeitet. Obwohl jedes Element im Quilt eine gebogene Naht hat, ist das Nähen sehr viel einfacher, als man denkt. Auf unserer Webseite haben wir eine ausführliche Anleitung für den Quilt (Mitglieder von Quilt around the World können das PDF kostenlos herunterladen). Außerdem haben wir in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Quilthouse Purgstall in Österreich eine Materialpackung zusammengestellt, die die Anleitung und alle vorgeschnittenen Einzelteile enthält. Wenn Sie die Teile lieber selbst zuschneiden möchten, empfehlen wir die Fat-Quarter-Packung der Ruby Reds. So haben Sie noch ein wenig Stoff übrig für kleinere Projekte und ein wenig Reserve, falls etwas beim Zuschneiden daneben gehen sollte.[/expand] [expand title="

    For readers of /italiano:

    Ci piace tantissimo il Ruby Red."] In seguito ad un giro nella cittá di Bath e una visita al Magazzino Oakshott dove Michael e la moglie ci hanno hospitati nell’estate di 2013, fu nato il concetto di quest’arazzo.  Si chiama Circles and Crescents (Circoli e Falci). Benché la trapunta contiene molte cucitare curvate “Drunkards Path” é molto meno difficile da fare che non sembrerebbe.  Troverete un disegno dettagliato sul nostro sito (i soci di Quilt around the World possono scaricarlo gratuitamante) o potrete ottenere un corredo contenente il disegno e tutti i pezzi pretagliati dal nostro web-shop (colla collaborazione di Quilthouse Purgstal, Austria).  Se preferireste voi stessi fare il taglio suggeriremo che compraste il Ruby Red fat pack.  Questo vi offre un po’ di stoffa addizionale per altri progetti piú piccoli e lascia qualche margine per errori nel taglio.[/expand] Read more
  • Full of Beans

    April 30, 2014

    Victoria Findlay Wolfe used Lipari (on the left) and Italy (on the right) [caption id="attachment_78" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Bumblebeansinc.blogspot uses Lipari and Italy Bumblebeansinc.blogspot uses Lipari and Italy[/caption]
    Teaching is great fun, but I get so many ideas watching everyone else that it kills me that I don't get to sew! So! I came home and HAD TO MAKE SOMETHING with these pretties."
    See more on her blog  www.bumblebeansinc.blogspot.co.uk Read more