• What's not to love?

    June 05, 2015

    The very busy Karen Lewis has been doing some dreamy work in Leeds using Scandinavia on a kaleidoscope block (out of Joyce Gieszler's book Then and Now Quilts). Do visit her Karen Lewis Textiles blog to see more pics and her working process. She said things like:
    I wanted to print a design that would leave a lot of the beautiful Oakshott fabric showing through It is a paper pieced pattern which is a process I have actually grown to love I settled on the idea of a matchstick spiral I think I may be a convert to this method [for binding]...it used half the fabric...what's not to love? As for the original bundle of Scandinavia shot cottons...what a dream they were to print on and sew with...I will certainly be doing that again.
    and here's the final result: 2015-06KarenLewisTextilesScandi Read more