• The Journey of the Ruby Red Quilt

    November 16, 2015

    Once upon a time The Little Red Hen (aka Lynn Harris) fell in love with a pack of Ruby Reds and designed a lovely little quilt:
    "The Ruby Oakshott quilt is finished and I thoroughly enjoyed the quilting process on this one. It was a delight to watch the fabrics move past the presser foot. I was mesmerized by the subtle color change of the fabrics as the machine moved them along."
    LittleRedHenQuilt Then one day Elizabeth Walters spotted the pattern and knew she wanted to make it for her daughter and that the design would need enlarging. She spent a long time seeking advice and drawing up a new pattern:RubyQuilt She got in touch with Michael at Oakshott to source the Ruby Reds and has started work on the blocks: RubyQuiltSquares We look forward to seeing the finished quilt and are so glad to have been of service:
    "You are the most responsive merchant I have every encountered! ... it will be interesting to see how it turns out. After talking with 3 quilters who mostly shook their heads and didn't know how to advise me, I xeroxed 15 copies of the photo and started cutting and pasting. Made the squares 6" and triangles 3" instead of 5" and 2.5" to decrease the 'busyness' and designed it so I would like it for the top of the bed – then just kept adding. I'm sure I will shift colors as I go along but I am loving putting them together."
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