Need extra seating for festivities and other social gatherings? Or how about creating a comfy nook to snuggle down and relax? If the answer to either is 'yes' then this giant patchwork Floor Cushion by Paula Steel of Sew Yellow could provide the answer.


Floor Cushion by Paula Steel

It's just one of endless design possibilities that you'll discover in the Big Book of Blocks, free with Quilt Now Issue 57. Inside is an array of templates to help kick-start your quilting: you can mix and match the shapes to create a whole world of blocks - some will be familiar whilst others may be new to you.

Quilt Now blocks

Paula explains how to mix and match the shapes to build each template. Then in step-by-step guides using a bold mix of our Colourshotts, she demonstrates how to make up each of the twelve blocks. These classic blocks can work independently, or you can combine several to create your own quilt or smaller project. Either way, you'll be itching to get started!

To make her Mosaic Floor Cushion (35" x 35" / 90 cm x 90 cm), Paula combined three of her favourite blocks, which together create the striking, geometric design above. Can you spot the blocks? You can of course substitute your own favourite block to go in the centre, making it the focal point of your cushion.

Talking about her colour choices, Paula tells us:

For the cushion I was looking for two main colours which needed to work together subtly, and then a splash of contrasting colour that would create the vibrancy. The Oakshott fabrics worked perfectly together and I was really impressed with the depth of colour which really helps the design pop! This was the first time I’ve worked with Oakshott fabrics and I was really impressed with the quality - they were a joy to work with!

On her website Sew Yellow, Paula describes her quilting journey, which may be familiar:

I began with smaller things like bags, purses and pencil cases and have finally found my calling with quilting. I'm not sure what I was expecting... but what I found was a way to blend the nerdy maths side of my brain with my creative, rainbow loving side.

We hope Paula's blocks and her story will inspire new ideas, tempting you to push your skills and stretch your design horizons. You can find more of her designs at Sew Yellow and follow her @paula_sewyellow.

Quilt Now Issue 57 Fabric Focus 

Images courtesy of Quilt Now.

Dec 17, 2018


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