Quarter Shott by Krista Hennebury

One design, so many possibilities...

Sometimes it can be hard to believe that two quilts originate from the same pattern. A case in point is our newest project from Krista Hennebury of Poppyprint. Krista explains:    

I’ve given Quarter Shott an Art Deco vibe and played with the negative space. It uses the same blocks as my #roundpegsquareholequilt, but with strategic fabric placement for an exciting new variation!

 Without further ado, meet new Quarter Shott...

Quarter Shott Quilt by Krista Haeenbury

... and Krista's original design, Round Peg, Square Hole.

Round Peg, Square Hole by Krista Hennebury

Even though (Quarter Shott) looks completely different from the pattern cover, I promise it’s the same block! It’s so much fun to play with colour placement and orientation to tease out secondary patterning and completely different results. Plus, the stunning Colourshott cottons give this quilt a magical glow.

Anyone lucky enough to join Krista's up-coming teaching workshops will get to see the quilts 'in the flesh' and try out their own interpretations. We can't wait to see the results - they'll be a treat to behold!

You can recreate Krista's quilt using the Quarter Shott Quilt Pack, or design your own palette - our Colourshott collection would be a good place to start. For more ideas and inspiration, check out #roundpegsquareholequilt.


More of Krista's designs and news. Follow Krista @poppyprint and poppyprintcreates.blogspot.co.uk.

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