Here's what some of your favourite designer-bloggers are saying about us...
I love their fabrics SO MUCH. I've cut back on volume to focus on QUALITY. I see Oakshotts as the ultimate classic, lasting look. Just like Amish quilts, Oakshotts never go out of style or look dated. But (they) add elegance. (Lynn Harris, TheLittleRedHen)

As always the Oakshott was a joy to work with. (Jo Avery, MyBearPaw)

Oakshotts are my favorite shot cottons - the colors are wonderful and the fabric doesn’t curl when you press it. (Rossie, r0ssie.blogspot)
The bundle is a beautiful thing - perfectly folded fat eighths tied together with a contrasting ribbon. That got the creative cogs turning. (Nick, Quilts from the Attic)
I love the look and feel of them. The colors are beautiful and wash up so soft. (Kati, From the Blue Chair)
When I first saw Oakshott I was surprised by the excellent quality and vibrant colours. It was love at first sight. (Wynn, Zakaart)
I’d never sewn with Oakshott before but I’d heard from people who LOVE them. The colours change in different lights. I urge you to try Oakshott cross-weaves. (Jen, BettyCrockerAss)
These fabrics are amazing - deep, intense, saturated tones. (Malka, A Stitch in Dye)
Oakshotts are fairly substantial and have a nice handle. I love the shimmer and movement - the fabric gains a dimension that you can’t get with single colour flat weaves. (Deborah, Whip-stitch)
I was curious about its unique iridescent color and sheen due to its weft and warp being woven from two distinct yet complementary colors. (Mary Claire, Remember Wren)
You can see all the incredible colors and their subtle differences. I feel so decadent sewing with these fabrics - they remind me of jewels. (Michelle, Falafel and the Bee)
Shot cottons change colors in the light – you have to see it to believe it. They're easier to work with, plus they have more dimensionality than regular solid quilting cotton. The colors change depending on the light and where you stand in the room. Seriously amazing! (Jessica, Quilty Habit)
I was worried they would stretch on the bias but they held their shape nicely. (Sara, KnottyGnome)
These fabrics are so spectacular. The warp and weft threads have a wonderful way of playing with the light. (Anjeanette, AnjeanetteK)
Yours are the best shot cottons that I have found. If everyone could see them in person they would agree. (Mary Menzer, FairlyMerry)