Our Lakes collection is inspired by the sublime Alpine landscapes that have dazzled visitors throughout the ages. This bright ring of crystal waters stirred the souls of the Romans, of those who made the traditional Grand Tour, and continues to attract present-day tourists. The shores of an azure Lake Geneva evoke the chic of La Belle Epoque; the translucent quality of Lake Maggiore is said to come from the teardrops of unrequited lovers; and the exquisite turquoise of Lake Como offers a sublime hideaway.


Oakshott Lakes

Oakshott Lakes

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Lakes cottons capture the tones of water, from the cool blue of a glacial pool to the purple depths of a sun-warmed lake. Like sunshine dancing on water, the fabrics have an iridescent sheen. This is the trademark shot effect created by using the same blue warp partnered with eight different weft threads - red, yellow, green, blue and black. The result is a palette ranging from teal and blue to purple.


Oakshott Lakes

Oakshott Lakes

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These magnificent Alpine landscapes have seduced countless artists, musicians and poets like Verdi, Wordsworth, Maria Callas... and George Clooney. 

But it doesn't need a Byron or a Shelley to interpret the Lakes collection, as quilters and sewers testify:

- You really have to try an Oakshott fabric to see for yourself how it dances in the light
- ...incredible colors with subtle differences...
- The colors in this collection are beautiful and have the iridescent sheen that we love Oakshott fabrics for
 - I couldn't believe all the shimmery wonderfulness



Our Lakes cottons share a rich, soft drape and are 54" wide. They're available in cut lengths and in a choice of pre-cut fabric packsFat 8ths, Fat Quarter, Half Metre Block, 1 Metre Pack and 5" Squares.

If a little inspiration would help you along the way, take a look at our huge selection of Projects, created exclusively for us by some of the world's leading designers. There's also a booklet of Table Linen projects using Fat 8ths Packs.