We enjoy following these blogs and websites:
www.acraftyfox.net Amanda hails from the US and posts recipes as well as projects.

www.barbarachaineyquilts.wordpress.com Barbara is a quilter, teacher, designer and writer from middle England who posts lots of lovely quilt pics.

www.blueisbleu.blogspot.co.uk Audrie makes custom quilts and runs an Etsy store.

www.cabbagequilts.blogspot.com Cathy is based in Melbourne and is into improv quilts.

www.cauchycomplete.wordpress.com Quilting,knitting, stitching, doodling and adding challenge to everything!

www.creatieveblogger.blogspot.co.uk Whether you speak Dutch and French or not you’ll love these pictures.

www.deborahkemball.wordpress.com Beautiful flowers from Montreal

www.duringquiettime.com Amy Friend is mother and artist and still finds time to spread the word about quilts and colour.

www.dutchcomfort.wordpress.com Nicolette majors on quilting and sewing posts with occasional diversions, but all in English.

www.filminthefridge.com Tutorials galore on a wealth of quilting, clothing and household projects.

www.flossyblossy.blogspot.co.uk Brioni lives in Leeds, UK, and fits in writing, teaching and mummying in amongst her passionate quilting.

www.freshlemonsquilts.com Modern quilter Faith shares patterns, tutorials, samplers and so much more.

www.handmadebyalissa.com A passionate modern quilter from LA, writer and co-founder of The Modern Quilt Guild.

www.lilysquilts.blogspot.co.uk Total colour aficionado and Fat Quarterly rep (but call her Lynne).

www.liveacolourfullife.net Who wouldn’t want to, “selvage my sanity … one stitch at a time”?

www.needlesandlemons.com Judith hails from Germany but is firmly based in the UK where she balances work, photography and a fascinating talent for straight line and circular quilting. of

www.nohatsinthehouse.com “Honors those traditional roots while embracing whatever happens to come of my unbridled creative spirit.”

www.quiltwhileyoureahead.typepad.com Sheer inspiration from a wealth of photos.
www.redpepperquilts.com A journal of modern creative quilting to share and inspire.
sewtakeahike.typepad.com Poke around ‘old country style mixed with a modern bend”, there are patterns and tutorials galore to savour.

www.sewkatiedid.wordpress.com Katie teaches modern quilting and sewing in Seattle, focusing on design and finding your own process.

www.shecanquilt.blogspot.co.uk A web of a blog joining strands of tutorials and photos and …

www.spottedstone.blogspot.co.uk Krista shares a range of creative learning experiences, all to do with fabric.

www.tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot.co.uk Jacquie publishes on modern quilts and shares her tutorials.

www.teaginnydesigns.blogspot.com Alex is part of the Kansa City Modern Quilt Guild and posts her work in progress, tutorials and patterns

www.thelastpiece.net Sarah is an Australian quilter, teacher, fabric designer and author who teaches worldwide.

www.thequiltingedge.com Colour fanatic Marianne finds herself spending more time in the company of online quilters than in front of her sewing machine - so she says, but look at all that work.