Lipari - the inspiration

Against a dark midnight sky an eruption from the heart of Stromboli throws up a dancing shower of fiery sparks in reds, golds and purples.


Oakshott Lipari

Image: Earth.ESA.Int

The golden heat of a midday sun over the Aeolian archipelago and the Sicilian coast reveals a shimmering primordial landscape surrounded by a cobalt sea, dotted with islands of lush green and bright villas highlighted by pink bougainvillea. The whole is shot through with black scars originating from Stromboli's smoking silhouette and is edged by the famous black sand beaches.


Oakshott Lipari

Oakshott Lipari

Images: Eolieinfo, Seahousesvulcano 

This is the romantic landscape that lured lovers Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman here in 1949; that currently hosts the favourite summer retreat of designers Dolce and Gabbana; and that inspired our Lipari collection.


Lipari collection


With its 54" width and rich, soft drape, designers describe Lipari as 'luscious', 'dynamic' and 'stunning'. There are eight toning colours with names redolent of the landscape, such as Stromboli, Volcano and Marina. The luminous effect is achieved by using the same black warp and a spectrum of iridescent wefts, giving sewers and quilters the feeling they are working with jewels from the depths of the volcano.

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