Maria Dlugosch

"Quilts are my passion.

Over the years my love has shifted from traditional patchwork to modern quilts to improv patchwork. Fabrics, needle and thread combine to form textile works, more for the wall and not so often as a commodity. The selection of fabrics, colors and threads are at the beginning of each work... how the end product should look is always an experiment. 

The finish is the surface design with my long arm. That gives me a lot of pleasure.

Red by Maria Dlugosch
Red by Maria Dlugosch
Red by Maria Dlugosch

Images: Red

"Colour and texture are the most important elements for my quilts.

Oakshotts are my favourites when it comes to colour. I started with Lipari in 2009 and over the years I have built up a very large collection of Oakshott fabrics that I love to sew and quilt with.

Quite often I mix them with Marcia Derse fabrics, for my purposes they fit perfectly. My quilts are only for family and a few special friends."

Scraps by Maria Dlugosch
Colorplay by Maria Dlugosch

Images: Scraps, Colorplay

Broken Circles by Maria Dlugosch
The Snake by Maria Dlugosch
The Snake by Maria Dlugosch

Images: Broken Circles, The Snake

Oakshottwood by Maria Dlugosch
Scraps 1 by Maria Dlugosch

Images: Oakshottwood, Scraps 1

Birdhouses by Maria Dlugosch
Triangles by Maria Dlugosch
Blue by Maria Dlugosch

Images: Birdhouses, Triangles, Blue

If you'd like to see more of Maria's work, follow her @maria_dlugosch and visit her website