Nicholas Ball

Nicholas Ball is an improv quilter from Cardiff, South Wales. After graduating Art School in 2006, it would be some six years before the quilting bug bit. With a passion for improv quilting, Nicholas' aesthetic is an organic one, preferring to sew without the use of patterns or templates. He takes a lot of inspiration from the natural world and his Vegetable Patch quilts showcase his love for liberated sewing.

Improv Triangle units
Triangle Colour Study II
Leaf Skeleton

Images: Improv triangle units, Triangle Colour Study II, Leaf Skeleton

He has taught improv quilting both nationally and internationally, contributed to the UK's leading quilting magazines and was a co-presenter of the QNNTV show Quilt Monkey, alongside fellow UK quilter Katy Jones. His debut book Inspiring Improv was published in April 2019 by Lucky Spool and his coordinating Aurifil thread collection followed in August. Nicholas has recently started offering Zoom workshops in collaboration with Crafty Monkies.

Warholian Cabbage
Warholian Cabbage

Images: Shoal, Warholian Cabbage (courtesy of Lucky Spool Media)

"I first became aware of Oakshott fabrics in 2014 when I attended a weekend quilting retreat. I was scheduled to take a class and the fabric was generously provided by Oakshott. I’d never seen such luxurious cuts of fabric before and was immediately smitten. I wanted to have all the colours to take home with me!

Prism Plant Pot

Middle image: Prism Plant Pot

"My work is often inspired by the natural world. I often try to replicate the patterns and colours found in nature. This is perhaps most evident in my cabbage quilts. I love using Oakshott as it allows me to introduce subtle changes of tone, thanks to the different weft and warp threads.”

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