Lynne Goldsworthy


"Not a day goes by without new quilt designs appearing in my head. Designs can come from all sorts of places: antique quilts, a brand new quilt in TK Maxx, a high street store bedding collection, wallpaper, wrapping paper, colours in the sky, a dress print – there’s no end to where the designs come from. I tend to be drawn towards more traditional designs and love to re-work the classics. My designs will all be drawn up in a graphic design app I used called Touchdraw. Using this means I can endlessly re-draw my ideas and play around with them until I have something which I think will work well as a quilt. For a quilt to work well I like it to look good up close and in a thumbnail photograph – that way you know the design has balanced well. I am not saying I always achieve this – I quite often miss the mark but this is what I aim for.

"I love all quilting cottons including modern and traditional. I love prints, solids, blenders, large scale, small scale and almost all colours although I tend to keep coming back to certain palettes. I prefer less colour rather than more colour so tend to be drawn more to the Oakshott Scandi and Lipari lines where colours are shot with cream and black giving a more neutral palette.

"I first stumbled across Oakshott when I saw the ColourBox at a quilting show years and years ago. I’ve been sewing with them ever since and love how soft they are, how crisply they press and especially how their colours glow more brightly than a flat solid. They are more expensive than standard quilting cottons and represent the best of British to me – like Liberty fabrics, they are a cut above regular quilting cottons and a special treat to work with. For me an Oakshott quilt will always be a special occasion quilt as it will have that extra dimension that the shot threads and the quality and softness of their cotton brings."


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