Ruby Reds - the inspiration

Rubies are one of the most popular, but one of the rarer and consequently more valuable gemstones. They come in a range of lustrous colours from deep crimson through fruity orange to delicate rose-pink.



Image: Diamondere

Known as the Stone of Kings, each royal house prizes the rubies in their store of precious jewels. The Spanish House of Bourbon gained the Niarchos Ruby Sautoir when Sophie of Greece married Juan Carlos in 1962. Set in gold, the rubies are almost as flexible as our Ruby Reds since the sautoir can be worn singly, doubly, as a necklace, tiara or bracelet.


Niarchos Ruby Sautoir

Images: Van Cleef & Arpels

Our Ruby Reds offer the same range of stimulating shades and capture the mystique of this energizing gem by using one red warp teamed with eight luscious wefts. Each shot cotton is named after a Spanish city – Seville, Cordoba, Cadiz, Santiago... - a fitting tribute to a plethora of Spanish tradition: the romance of the country's mediaeval mysteries and romantic literature, the rich repositories of old masters, the passion of pilgrimage, the seductive mysteries of flamenco, the amber warmth of sherry and spicy cuisine.


Spanish tradition

Spanish tradition

Spanish cuisine

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With a 54" width and rich soft drape, sewers and quilters wax lyrical after using Ruby Reds:

"I was mesmerized by the subtle color change of the fabrics as the machine moved them along."

"The colours are so brilliant! I love how they go together."

"I love the way the thread variations give a shimmer and movement to the squares when seen in the light ... By weaving them in two different colours of thread, the fabric gains a dimension that you can’t get with a standard single-colour flat weave."

"These fabrics are amazing - deep, intense saturated tones. They shimmer."


Ruby Reds

Ruby Reds come as cut lengths and in a choice of
 pre-cut packs.

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