Scandinavia - the inspiration

Scandinavian design typically radiates beauty through the use of light colours, ample amounts of wood, minimalism and functionality.

These characteristics are rooted in the history of the Nordic countries. Whereas most of Europe emulated the wealth and opulence of the nobility, northern Europe focused on accessible materials and subtle, functional forms. Practicality became the byword of Scandinavian design and a major influence on modern furniture and product design.

For centuries, Scandinavian life revolved around the home: through the long, cold winters, the home became a comfortable, cosy refuge. Underpinned by the Protestant values of rationality and humanity, design evolved three guiding principles which continue to this day:

  • good design for everyone
  • beauty and functionality
  • optimal use of available resources

    Scandinavian product design

    Louis Poulsen Classic pendant / Arne Jacobsen Egg chair / Alvar Aalto Silla vase

    Products and interiors are kept simple and often stylise their natural environment. Yet despite their symmetry and clarity, Scandinavian design radiates warmth and a homely cosiness, which the Danes call hygge.

    Use of colour

    Neutral shades: the mere mention of Scandinavian design conjures up calm, muted, chalky tones - vaporous blues, soft greys, milky whites and creams.


    Neutral shades in Scandinavian design


    …along with some brights: against a neutral canvas, colour is splashed liberally, introducing a fun dimension.


    Colour in Scandinavian design

      Louis Poulsen lighting / Image: / Marimekko print


    White (or light) wood: as well as creating an airy feel, white-painted and light woods act as a backdrop for architectural details and furnishings.


    Wood in Scandinavian design


    Let the light shine in: given the harsh Nordic climate with its long, dark winters, natural light has become revered. In the summer months, large windows allow natural light to stream in.


    Natural light in Scandinavian design



    Bring nature inside: nature and its materials - wood, leather, metal, linen, wool and furs - are the mother of Scandinavian design inspiration. Brought indoors, these translate into a palette of calm, muted tones.


    Nature in Scandinavian design



    Layered textures: comfort is important in cold climates and these natural materials create visual warmth and luxury.

    Layered texture in Scandinavian design



    Such was the inspiration behind our Scandinavia collection. Like all our ranges, these deliciously soft shot cottons are 54" wide and available as cut lengths or pre-cut packs.


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