Suzanne Campion

"Colour, pattern, texture, detail… these have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and are at the heart of my designs today, whether that’s an intricate piece of fussy-cutting on a cushion or the design story within a large quilt.

Canterbury Cushion

Image: Canterbury Cushion in Sorbets with Liberty

"My passion for textile design, in particular constructed textiles, led me to study weave design at university where I was always fascinated by the play of colour, texture and scale.

I then joined a company that made bespoke tassels and trimmings (passementerie) for the high-end interior design sector. Interior designers would share with me their colour schemes and the look they wanted to achieve and I would create designs to work with their interior projects. I moved on to start and run a new tassels and trimmings company, using not only my design skills but also making tassels and trimmings myself, including hand weaving and rope making. Over the years, I was fortunate to work with many of the UK’s top interior designers.

I took a career break when I had my two daughters and now, as they become more independent, I find my desire to create with textiles has returned strongly. I have loved becoming part of the creative community again.


Images: Trafalgar design in Liparis with Liberty Forbidden Fruits, and Colourshotts with Liberty Tudor Belle

"I like to work with all kinds of fabrics but am particularly drawn to the detail within Liberty fabrics. I love to look at a fabric design and find new ways to fussy-cut it, seeing fresh shapes and patterns that are unique and beautiful.

Being a weaver at heart, I've always been drawn in by the beauty and jewel colours of Oakshott Fabrics. I like to draw colours out of a print to highlight and frame with the rich opulence of Oakshotts."

Tumbling Triangles

Images: Tumbling Triangles and Xanadu - Oakshotts with Liberty and Xanadu

To end, some detail shots of Suzanne's Love Improv Coin Purse,  made in Oakshotts as part of the Great British Quilter sewalong.

Love Improv Coin Purse
Love Improv Coin Purse

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