Ruby Red 16 Santiago
Ruby Red 16 Santiago
Ruby Red 16 Santiago
Ruby Red 16 Santiago

Ruby Reds 16 Santiago, width 54" / 137 cm

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From pink to blood-red and deep crimson, our Ruby Reds exude romance and passion. Sharing a red warp, they glint like their gemstone namesakes. They're as passionate and seductive as the culture of Spain, their inspiration.

100% mercerised shot cottons - each colourway combines a base colour warp with a complementary or contrasting weft thread. This produces the trademark 'shot' effect when colours appear to shimmer and 'move' depending on how the light falls. It lends extra depth and texture to your project.

The Ruby Reds, with their shared warp, work beautifully together - no need to worry about colour combining.

Use them for quilting, patchwork and general sewing.