Each fabric collection shares Oakshott's trademark colour intensity, lustre and characteristic 'shot' effect. The shades within each collection harmonise and tone by using varying combinations of warp and weft thread.
100% mercerised shot cottons - suitable for quilting and general sewing projects
Bolt width: 54" throughout

New Lakes
The warmest and coolest of blues
16 shades sharing a blue warp
New Lipari
Distinctive, iridescent jewel tones
A black warp with 18 lustrous wefts
New Ruby Reds
A blaze of colours sharing a red warp
16 colours
New Scandinavia
A palette of Nordic hues lets the light shine in: 8 hues with a white warp

An English wood glowing in autumn sun
21 colours
Colourshott 01-30 & 31-57

Oakshott's grand tradition of shot cottons in a rainbow of 57 tones


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