Quilting Fabrics

 We are designers and suppliers of our own fine quality fabrics ideal for sewing, appliqué work, textile and quilting arts. Our speciality is colourful shot cotton weaves whose sumptuous and vibrant colours are full of character and ideal for hand and machine quilting. We offer a cut length service as well as quilting kits and patterns suitable for experienced quilters and beginners alike.
Our fabric collections are sold in charm packs (5” sq), fat eighths, fat quarters, half metre blocks, as metre starter packs or as 5m bolts.

Colourshott: This is the range that launched our company and has received a premium makeover in 2014. Now in 57 glorious, iridescent colours woven in a magnificent 54 inch/130 cm width. We sell them in packs of 30 colours or indulge in the full rainbow with a Colourbox (available in time for Christmas!).

The following three collections are all woven with a repeated colour warp and a range of weft colours. This means every fabric in a collection tones with every other – glorious! The bolts are 48 inch/122 cm wide:

  • Lipari A range based on a sophisticated black warp with a gradation of 18 different shimmering colourways woven into the weft.
  • Ruby Reds A really hot offering named after its red warp and set off by 16 different weft variations.
  • Lakes We are playing it cool in this collection with a luminous blue warp, set off by 16 weft colourways.

New for summer 2014 is Calluna A 100% cotton, shot herringbone, light weave inspired by Scottish mountain landscapes, available in 6 two tone colourways so you get a different, toning colour on each side. It is 53 inch/135 cm wide.

Coming soon in 2014 is Autumn, (which is also when it will be available), with a chestnut warp as a warm base for 21 weft colours.

How our fabrics acquire their quality:

All our fabrics are woven with a 2 ply thread that gives the finished cloth extra strength and avoids those annoying little weaving faults of loose threads and holes. By using best quality cotton and a tight weave the cloth is more stable and less prone to shrinkage than more open weaves.
The fabric colours are so intense because the yarns have been boil washed, which removes impurities and improves dye absorption. An expensive dyeing process is used to maximise fastness when light washing or rubbing. The yarns are gas mercerised for extra lustre (non-mercerised yarns, like combed yarns, have a flatter, matt look).
The woven fabrics have a pure finish. In other words they are clear of rice starch or wax or any other dressing. This retains their beautiful handling quality.


The Colourshott range is woven on modern automatic looms using 2 ply, 60s count thread for a heavier drape, ideal for quilting and general sewing. The new range comes in a generous 54 inch width.

Lipari is woven with a 2 ply, 60s count thread and Ruby Reds and Lakes are woven with 2ply, 70s count thread for lighter drape. All three ranges are four inches wider than standard quilting fabric at 48 inches.

How to care for your Oakshott fabrics:

Most quilters tell us they don’t pre-wash but if you are going to then use warm water (40C), avoid optical whiteners and chlorine based cleaning products. Iron while damp. Tumble drying is not recommended. If pre-washing our fabrics expect a shrinkage of 3%-5%.