Here's a treat for colour lovers: London's Design Museum is currently hosting a spectacular installation called Breathing Colour. The exhibition by acclaimed Dutch designer Hella Jongerius looks at the way colour behaves, exploring shapes, materials, shadows and reflections.

We see the world in colour but rarely do we appreciate how colour shapes what we see.

Breathing Colour blurs the boundaries between art and design. Combining intriguing shapes with extensive research, this exhibition questions our preconceptions of colour and embraces its imperfection and experimentation.

The exhibition is divided into separate spaces that simulate daylight conditions at specific times of the day – morning, noon and evening. These three phases explore the impact of changing daylight on our perception of colour. Each installation includes a series of three-dimensional objects as well as textiles, some of which are hand-woven while others are produced on industrial looms. 

Breathing Colour
Breathing Colour

Breathing Colour

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Aug 01, 2017


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