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I told my friend that if I could only sew with one line of fabric for the rest of my life, Oakshotts would be my choice :)

Due to the way they are woven (warp and weft are a different color), there is a depth that changes with the light and the direction they are placed. Also, they are ethically sourced.

Cindy Wiens @liveacolorfullife
Cindy Wiens @liveacolorfullife

Your cottons are astonishing in their depth of color and luster. I'm finding a whole new dimension in plain vibrant colors with a sheen that never quits.

Laureen Bedell
Laureen Bedell

If I was only allowed one range to work with forevermore, I would pick #Oakshott shot cottons. The different warp and weft gives a feeling of dimension to them and the colours are beautiful.

Catherine @knottedcotton
Catherine @knottedcotton

Oakshott is like a beautiful set of paints – it's beyond beautiful and brings something remarkable to any project.

Melissa Reilly @mlreilly

It’s so important to good design to have good materials to start with!

I love the way the fabrics shimmer in different light, because the warp and weft of each is a different color. Thanks Oakshott! 

Cindy Grisdela
Cindy Grisdela @cindygrisdelaquilts

(This is NOT paid advertising) I was wondering why I love to work with shotcottons. In my case with oakshott shotcottons... There are so many, many colors AND I would say ,,non-colors“ you can find in the oakshott collections. Especially those ,,non-colors“ are so important for me. (My projects) show the magic of shotcottons: the warp and the weft thread creating the color.

Heike @heirami_

I wanted you to know how much I liked working with your fabrics. They're fantastic.

Michelle Wilkie @ml_wilkie

I'm totally delighted and so excited! I keep thinking about projects to use them – and changing my mind.

Mary Charman