We're always thrilled to hear from our customers and here are just a few of your comments...

Oakshott is like a beautiful set of paints - it's beyond beautiful and brings something remarkable to anything. (Melissa Reilly)

I was mesmerized by the subtle change of the colors as the machine moved them along. (Lynn Harris)

You are the most responsive merchant I've ever encountered. (Elizabeth Walters)

My fabric looks lovely - I have to keep going back to look at the silver! Many thanks for your service. (Margaret Nevitte)
Your cottons are astonishing in their depth of color and luster. They make quilting quite painterly. I'm finding a whole new dimension in plain vibrant colors with a sheen that never quits. (Laureen Bedell)

I'm so excited - all the fabrics are beautiful. (Kelly Hitchman-Powers)

The fabric arrived beautifully packed. Thanks for your (as always) outstanding service. (Anne Sutton)

Safely arrived and stunningly gorgeous. (Linda Chevell)

I'm totally delighted and so excited! I keep thinking about projects to use them - and changing my mind. (Mary Charman)

You guys are pretty small but you've managed to wow people - when you think shot cottons, you think Oakshott. I liked the mini-quilts showing off the bundles with some of my favourite bloggers. Oh and the blog hops. We get amazing quilts made with beautiful fabric which is why we read blogs. So, go you! (Morgan Collaine)
What service on an international order - my order arrived only 3 days later. (Margaret Allen)

I'm blown away by your fabrics. I'd admired them on blogs but had never seen them in person. I don't know if I'll be able to cut into my beautiful stacks - I may have to simply admire them.
I wanted you to know how much I liked working with your fabrics. They're fantastic! (Michelle Wilkie)

The colours are so much better than I anticipated. My creative thoughts are flowing. (Wendy Dorey)

Merci de votre envoi, je suis très satisfaite. (Marie-Neige Romet)
I was impressed how quickly the shipment arrived. Even more important, I was impressed by the fabric - it's gorgeous! (Jennifer Rouzan)
Thank you for your unexpected generosity (with the samples). First, the mini charm packs were a wonderful surprise. And second, while I'd read about the £5 coupon with purchase, I didn't realize it was per sample pack. (Monique Ibey)