Cubitz Quilt in Popular Patchwork magazine

Patchwork illusion - Cubitz by Helen Butcher

Helen Butcher has a passion for illusion: optical illusions, 3D effects, transparency, impossible triangles, you name it... So when we, together with Popular Patchwork, invited her to create a project for their February issue, she simply let her imagination run riot! The result is this richly colourful Cubitz Quilt, just the thing to banish the winter blues. 





3-D imagery has always fascinated me. Using three shades of the same colour to create light, medium and dark areas makes this simple-to-piece block really jump out at you.

The pattern is FREE in the February 2018 issue of Popular Patchwork and the fabric colour pack is available to order here.

Helen is an active member of The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles' Modern Quilt group and this year is running their Quilt Challenge, aptly named Fooling the Eye. So if you're interested in taking part or simply curious to explore 3D design, check out their web page and Helen's own Patchwork Illusions page: each one is a fantastic source of inspiration.



(Photography by Emma Sekhon for Popular Patchwork magazine.)

Read about Helen's approach to colour and design in our designer spotlight.

See more from her at LittlePatchPockets

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  • Isabel Pedrick

    Helen Butcher is certainly clever to devise such a mesmerising pattern and using the Oakshott fabrics will give it that superb sheen. I’ve just recently discovered these fabrics which are so beautiful. I look forward to buying the magazine next month and also more Oakshott fabrics very soon.

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