Create your own masterpiece

Create your own masterpiece

There have been over eight years of communications between Oakshott Fabrics and the wonderful Deborah Kemball. During that time we have managed to meet just the once but the joy we have had from Deborah's designs has just kept growing, viz. the special offers we have managed along the way.

A look at her designs shows how she has migrated towards using solid colours rather than prints for her gorgeous appliqués. In 2014 she said:

I love the buzz I get from creating something that I perceive as beautiful and would love to think that someone else gets inspired from seeing something I have made so that they get that buzz of enjoyment too.

So now emails and samples have been flying between Gloucester (UK) and Montreal (Canada) with our invitation for Deborah to put together her 'Studio Collection' from the range of Oakshott fabrics. As beautifully packaged as ever we now present the 27 colours in the Deborah Kemball Studio Collection (enough for several appliqué projects, whether you buy the Fat 8ths or indulge in a bigger precut pack) along with her selection of seven key neutrals for that ever-important background (including a red).

In a 2013 blog Deborah revealed her thinking about red:

When in need of a bit of TLC, I find I always revert to using red background for my appliqué.  All colours sing off red and their contrast puts me in a great mood

To top off the offer Deborah has created two free patterns, which you can use as bases for your own colourful creativity.

Don't forget that Deborah has also authored a couple of very beautiful, and highly useful, books if you really want to develop your techniques. The latest being Euphoria Tapestry Quilts.

So go ahead, we look forward to seeing your creative masterpieces as you discover the truth in Deborah's description:

With one fabric I essentially get two shades, depending on how I place the motif and how the light falls.

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