Designer Wall Art at the Festival of Quilts

Designer Wall Art at the Festival of Quilts

It was a huge honour at The Festival of Quilts to display pieces by some of the most talented designers and quilters. You may have glimpsed a few in our newsletters and Instagram posts prior to the show and we lost count of the number of visitors who expressed delight at seeing them 'in the flesh' on our stand.

So for those of you who weren't able to join us - and perhaps those who were - here's another look at the inspirational quilts which made up our Gallery of Wall Art. Enjoy them!

In no particular order:

Confusion by Lynn Carson Harris

Confusion by Lynn Carson Harris @lynncarsonharris


Strength by Lynn Carson Harris

Strength by Lynn Carson Harris @lynncarsonharris


Eggshells by Lynn Carson Harris

Eggshells by Lynn Carson Harris @lynncarsonharris


Pain by Lynn Carson Harris

Pain by Lynn Carson Harris @lynncarsonharris


Suffer by Lynn Carson Harris 

Suffer by Lynn Carson Harris @lynncarsonharris. These quilts form part of Lynn's Domestic Abuse Series.


Calypso by Sarah Hibbert

Calypso by Sarah Hibbert @quiltscornerstone


Un-named by Maria Dlugosch

Un-named by Maria Dlugosch @maria_dlugosch


Tri-Angle 1, 2 & 3 by Claudia Scheja

Tri-Angle 1, 2 & 3 by Claudia Scheja @claudia.scheja


Mini Quilts by Sarah Ashford

Mini Quilts by Sarah Ashford @sarahashfordstudio


The Web by Monika Huelsebusch

The Web by Monika Huelsebusch @monika.huelsebusch


Purple Circle by Monika Huelsebusch

Purple Circle by Monika Huelsebusch @monika.huelsebusch


Coral Code by Monika Huelsebusch

Coral Code by Monika Huelsebusch @monika.huelsebusch


Simple Stripes by Monika Huelsebusch

Simple Stripes by Monika Huelsebusch @monika.huelsebusch


City Lights by Monika Huelsebusch

City Lights by Monika Huelsebusch @monika.huelsebusch

We should mention that many other quilts and quilted pieces were also shown on our stand. These are Projects which are available to order in our store.

You can see lots more Festival fun at #foq

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