Visiting our stand at the Festival of Quilts, Ingrid Huber told us of her disappointment at not being able to show her latest quilt. Unfortunately for Ingrid, the maximum size this year was three metres. So here's an exclusive viewing of her quilt, Fractal, with a little of its backstory...

In a book about the golden ratio I saw a photo of the Golden Square Fractal and I had to give it a try in a quilt. From my first drawings, I knew that I had to use your wonderful (Colourshott) Avocado for the squares. I’m very proud of the result – it looks exactly the same as the photo which inspired it.

Fractal by Ingrid Huber 

Fractal by Ingrid Huber


Fractal by Ingrid Huber

Many thanks for making my weekends, working on quilts with your great fabrics. I’m addicted and always thinking of patterns to use them … 😊

And thank you for sharing your magnificent quilt with us, Ingrid - we think it's a Winner! 

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Aug 17, 2018


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