Chilli Pepper Wreath Panel by Deborah Kemball

Get festive with the Chilli Pepper Wreath Panel

We tend to think of wreaths as Advent and Christmas decorations. Yet they are used in ceremonial events in different cultures around the globe and are steeped in history and symbolism. So it's with great pleasure that we bring you Deborah Kemball's Chilli Pepper Wreath which you can either reproduce or personalise to make your own.


Chilli Pepper Wreath Panel

I originally designed this wreath for a charity workshop and it's a great favourite. I have it standing as a panel in my workshop and I just love how the colours pop against the black background.

I've made several versions of this design with and without chilli peppers. Without chilli peppers and embroidery you are left with a lovely classic wreath of leaves and olives which make beautiful 18” square pillows.

For a sophisticated Christmas alternative, Deborah suggests substituting a Midnight Blue (Colourshott 23) background for the black. The berries could be sewn in any number of shades tor a more seasonal look, depending on your own personal decorating style. She thinks they would look gorgeous in the same Campion red as the leaves (Colourshott 05), or one shade darker in Snapdragon red (Colourshott 06). You could also go the sophisticated route with a silver such as Amalfi (Colourshott 32) or the subtle gold of Bergamo (Colourshott 33).

The finished panel would be very decorative standing on your mantlepiece or in a window at Christmas time. To make a panel stand alone insert the right size of cardboard or foam poster board into a sleeve on the reverse of the panel. For more information on how to do this refer to the “Window Box” panels in “Euphoria Tapestry Quilts

View the Chilli Pepper Wreath Panel Kit instore. 

Read more on Deborah's passion for appliqué, embroidery and quilting by hand or enter 'Deborah Kemball' in the Search box to see more of her work for Oakshott.

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