New Longshott Stripe

It’s a Fine Line: New Longshott Stripe

Exciting news for colour lovers... we've re-woven some of our most vibrant hues to produce a new collection: Longshott Stripe.

Michael's passion for colour was on overdrive as he worked with our master weavers, tapping deep into his technical know-how. By alternating regular and double density warp threads, together they've created Longshott Stripe, a collection of shot cottons with an extra dimension - the stripe.

Longshott Stripe

Cottons simulating the appearance of silk

Our Oakshotts are often mistaken for silk. This is because of their colour intensity, achieved by combining the finest natural materials – fine yarns and the best quality dyes - with the latest weaving technology. We achieve each colourway by selecting a base colour warp and marrying it with a complementary or contrasting weft thread. This produces our trademark ‘shot’ effect, when colours appear to shimmer and ‘move’ depending on how the light falls on them.

When it comes to cutting and sewing, you can rest assured that our woven Longshott stripes will be straight. Add to this the fabric stability and strength derived from our densely woven yarns and the result is a fabric that holds its shape. We certainly hope you'll find them a delight to work with.

As Michael says

Our aim with Longshot Stripe is to provide you with exquisite colours and sophisticated texture in easy-to-work fabrics. So you're free to savour the pleasure of sewing and creating.

Longshott Stripe Longshott Stripe Longshott Stripe

View the collection or see us at the Festival of Quilts 2018 on Stand G20.


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