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Jennie Rayment Teaches at the Festival of Quilts

As tickets go on sale and excitement builds once more for the Festival of Quilts, we hand over our blog to guest writer and friend Jennie Rayment:


With Festival approaching, it's time for the annual scramble for workshop places! One of my students asked what classes I'd be teaching and was a trifle puzzled when I stared blankly back at her. Having written about my classes, demos and lectures before Christmas, it's little wonder that by now, I've forgotten what I wrote. Having taught several dozen classes and slept in the
meantime, I had to remind myself what I'll be doing!

As it turns out, I'll be teaching a wealth of classes, from the serious to the light-hearted. All will be fun and... yes... in the usual Rayment way... a lot will be learnt and you'll go home with a project either complete or nearly finished. It's that whip cracking I do!!


Foldaway Fabric Play

So what's on offer? Well, you can have some Birdy Bunting or you could opt for a more intellectual class looking at 3D and it's possibilities. Then you can test your sanity with a bit of Snap Crackle Pop or be soothed with a little Tactile Daisy! Or why not wander along with some Hexagonal Happenings (last year's class repeated due to popularity). And no visit would be complete without a spot of Tucking and Twiddling for Manipulated Marvels!


Interlocking Stars

I hear we'll have some important visitors from US this year to delight and entertain. And where else would you find the best stalls selling all those 'must have' items. Visiting the show and seeing the latest goodies on offer is always stimulating. Where else would you find such a wealth of information, expanse of treats and a total feast for the eyes, other than at the Festival of Quilts?


Snap Crackle Pop

Yes, you'll have sore feet. Yes, your head will spin. Yes, like me you'll be totally in awe of the standard of the winners' quilts. But you'll be amongst friends and fellow fabricoholics and by the end of your visit you will be so glad you made the effort and went!

Should you need a list of my classes, here they are:

  • Tumbling Blocks, 3D and Hexagonal Creations
  • Foldaway Fabric Play
  • Birdy Bunting
  • Tuck & Twiddle for a Manipulated Marvel
  • Hexagonal Happenings
  • Snap, Crackle and Pop
  • Interlocking Stars
  • Tactile Daisy Design

Tickets are on sale and booking is open, so head right over to and BOOK NOW!   

And for a flavour of Jennie's work using Oakshotts:

Fanadoo Twirling Stars  Trumpets  Jennie Rayment

Discover more from Jennie at and watch her video tutorials at Just Hands on TV.


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