'Modern Amish Magic' - from our guest blogger

'Modern Amish Magic' - from our guest blogger

There are times, dear reader, when your words convey so much more than ours ever could. Today being one of those occasions, we hand over our blog to long-standing friend Laureen Bedell...

Laureen Bedell writes

My latest quilt is the first in my Modern Amish series. How much better can Amish be done than with Oakshott fabrics!

As Michael (Oakshott) has added such wonderful textured weaves and silk taffeta to his exquisite palette of colors, I decided to work with them together - juxtaposed - to highlight the look and feel of each.


Modern Amish by Laureen Bedell

So this quilt is composed of 2" squares in various Oakshott textures and tones, alternating concentrically. Silk taffeta, Grayshott basket weave and Scandinavia herringbone squares are all so happy together - you can see how they play off one another.

The squares are highlighted by a narrow silk taffeta border and a Grayshott windowpane weave wider border and binding. To complete, the backing (not shown) is of Scandinavia herringbone, in the deeper pink facing.


Modern Amish by Laureen Bedell

...the richness and - yes - magic of what Oakshott's about

It was such a pleasure to work with all of these fantabulous Oakshott fabrics together. I think the result speaks to the richness and - yes - magic of what Oakshott is about. I hope it encourages Michael to continue his quest for textures as well as colors.

Thanks again. I cannot imagine quilting without Oakshott to inspire me!

Best, LaureenLaureen Bedell writes

Products: Grayshott Plains & Weaves, Silk Taffeta, Scandinavia

Kindly note: Grayshott and Scandinavia textures are Limited Editions, available while stocks last.


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  • SArah KIrtland

    Exquisite website. I love your fabrics. To me, the fabrics have qualities of silk, so rich. Take care. Love from Virginia, US.

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