A basket of perfectly ripe raspberries, a punnet of freshly picked strawberries, a tree laden with plump, firm apricots, the sweet juiciness of a cantaloupe melon… Each packed with distinctive heavenly flavours and scents, together they are summer perfection. Turn them into sorbets and they make a juicy, mouth-watering bite. How better to take advantage of the summer fruit bounty?


Sorbet collection

We took the freshest, fruitiest and most juicy flavours and turned them into a treat to be enjoyed all year round. Our new Sorbet collection weaves a rainbow of vibrant wefts with a subtle Flaxen White warp. Combined like this, these saturated colours produce the trademark ‘shot’ effect - they seem to shimmer and ‘move’ in the light. Their shared contrasting warp lends depth and texture that hint at barely-frozen sorbets. And it ensures the palette works harmoniously together so you don't have to worry about colour combining.

This palette is very elegant and timeless. The colour gradation is great, especially for quilters working with three shades, and I like the handle - you have the feeling of quality in your hands. Martina Latimer @martinalatimer_quiltedworks


Sorbet collection

Beware - you may get more than you bargain for: our Oakshotts are 54” / 137 cm wide, which means that cut lengths and pre-cut packs (Fat 8ths and up) are up to a third larger than ‘standard’ cuts. We take smooth, lustrous yarns of the finest grade shot cottons and weave them densely to produce strong, quality fabrics that hold their shape. And because they're free from dressing, their drape and handle won't change over time.


Sorbet collection

Possibly the ultimate treat, our new Sorbets are delicate yet fresh, fruity and packed with colour. It’s hard to imagine a more refreshing, delicious bite. Luscious treat or small indulgence? You decide.

Go on, pique your taste buds now. We dare you!

Mar 09, 2020


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