Beautiful Botanicals made by Lynn Templeton

Oakshott and Debby Kemball - a winning combination!

I don't want you to think I just buy and hoard your fabric :)

... began the email from Lynn Templeton of Quebec, Canada. Attached to Lynn's email were photos of Flowers for Becky, the project she entered in last year's Vermont Quilt Festival. Many of you will instantly recognise this magnificent quilt as a recreation of Deborah Kemball's Beautiful Botanicals. Look more closely and you'll spot that the judges were equally impressed - they awarded it 1st Place!


Flowers for Becky by Lynn Templeton Flowers for Becky by Lynn Templeton 

Thank you for making such beautiful, rich, opalescent fabric, enthuses Lynn. These gorgeous, iridescent, top-quality cottons are second to none. 

To make Flowers for Becky, Lynn used a bundle of Ruby Reds together with an assortment of Oakshott greens. The striped fabric binding came from an earlier collection, and they're all perfectly complemented by the light grey background of Scandinavia Uppsala.

Oakshott and Debby Kemball - a winning combination for sure! It was made... for a dear friend and fellow quilter... who ignited my fire for appliqué. I will be forever grateful.

If you're inspired by Lynn's example, find out more about Deborah Kemball's designs and techniques in her books, available from C&T Publishing.

Discover our own Deborah Kemball Studio, her hand-picked collection and designs, exclusive to Oakshott. Deborah shares her thoughts on shot cottons: In the designer's words.

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