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Glamorise your sewing box with this project in Sewing World

Sewing World January 2018Could your sewing box use a little patchwork glamour? Look no further than January's issue of Sewing World for these delightful Candy Shop Sewing Accessories by Helen Butcher.

Helen was inspired by our latest collections, Longshott and Herringbone. The self stripe of Longshott and the arrowhead weave of Herringbone play with texture and light in surprising ways. Helen's design - a basic two-tone triangle block - has fun with the textures, turning them in different directions to striking effect.

Candy Shop Sewing Accessories

If you're looking for a project for the holiday period, then this sewing set is practical and pretty - it could be just the answer. Sewing World readers get the free pattern PLUS they can claim a special reader discount on the Fabric Pack.

Alternatively, you can buy the complete Candy Shop Kit (including pattern)

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In the designer's words: Helen Butcher discusses the importance of colour, tone and weave in choosing fabric for her patchwork designs.

Imagery courtesy of Sewing World.

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