Pieces of Eight

Effortless colour combining with 'Pieces of Eight'

‘Pieces of eight’ squawked Long John Silver’s parrot famously in pirate lore. ‘Pieces of eight’ coins were produced in the Americas and transported to Spain, making them a tempting target for seagoing pirates. The term refers to the Spanish dollar coin used by traders back in the 16th century, which was divisible into eight – quite literally. With its high silver content and relative stability, it became the currency of choice for foreign trade - the first ‘world currency’.


Pieces of Eight

Our own Pieces of Eight are similarly prized for their colour intensity and shimmer, their stability and strength. Each collection marries a single warp shade with a rainbow of weft threads to produce colours which mix, match and tone effortlessly together. Lakes, Lipari and Ruby Reds, now simplified to their most popular shades, join Grayshott and Scandinavia as 8-colour sets spanning the spectrum. Compact yet comprehensive, they're the risk-free way to build your colour library.


LakesLakes Lakes: blue warp. Inspired by the sublime Alpine landscapes and bright crystal waters that have dazzled visitors throughout the ages. Lakes blues capture the tones of water, from the cool shades of a glacial pool to the purple depths of a sun-warmed lake.

LipariLipari collectionLipari: portrays the primordial beauty of the volcanic Aeolian islands. A black warp and lustrous wefts result in distinctive, iridescent jewel tones. Sewing with them evokes jewels from the very depths of the Stromboli volcano.

Ruby RedsRuby Reds collectionRuby Reds: red warp. From pink to blood-red and deep crimson, Ruby Reds ooze romance and passion, glinting like their gemstone namesakes. They're as passionate and seductive, mysterious and misunderstood as the culture of Spain, their inspiration.

Grayshott collectionGrayshott collectionGrayshott: a palette as sophisticated as the Provençal locations from which it takes its names, Grayshott marries a Vintage Silver warp with secondary (rather than primary) colours – think green, yellow, turquoise - to produce a unique sensual vibe.

Scandinavia CollectionScandinavia collection Scandinavia: the mere mention of Nordic design conjures calm, muted tones. This delicious palette sharing a Flaxen White warp radiates beauty, warmth and the cosiness that the Danes call hygge. These vaporous blues, soft greys, milky whites and creams convey light and airiness.   

To achieve these palettes, we combine the finest natural materials – superior yarns and the best quality dyes - with the latest weaving technology: bold, modern colours meet traditional skills and techniques. Their dense weave guarantees stability and strength, resulting in quality fabrics that are beautifully soft and yet hold their shape.

Allow yourself to be captivated by our Pieces of Eight colour library. Choose a project... then simply relax and craft away!


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