Making Happy Quilts by Mieke Duyck

Smile and the World Smiles with you

News has just reached us of a beautiful new book that will bring a smile to your face. Making Happy Quilts is the latest oeuvre from talented Belgian designer and long-time Oakshott friend, Mieke Duyck

Mieke has a string of successful projects and collaborations to her name, including our own much-loved Lipari (scroll down). Many of her designs have featured in the pages of Quilt Mania magazine and appropriately Making Happy Quilts is now available from Quilt Mania Editions.


Making Happy Quilts by Mieke Duyck

We were hugely honoured when Mieke emailed to tell us that she'd used our Oakshotts in many of the projects featured. But what came next made us blush:

Even the title of the book was inspired by your words, Michael. You came to see my quilts when we first met in Veldhoven and you said: ‘Those are happy quilts!'

Here's a sneak peek from the book, showing her Magic Circles Quilt made with our Colourshotts. Like Mieke, we love the simplicity of the pattern and the optical illusion created by the grey circles, which appear to float above the coloured squares. Image courtesy of Quilt Mania.


Magic Circles Quilt by Mieke Duyck


Lipari Quilt by Mieke Duyck

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