OK Go - Skyscrapers video

Something for Colour Addicts

Colour, music and dance - we love the way they're combined in this video.

Do you find that the colours inspire different feelings and emotions in you?


Music video for the song "Skyscrapers" by OK Go.
Director: Trish Sie
Producers: Trish Sie & Paula Salhany
Cinematography and editing: Paula Salhany
3D DP: Eric Kurland
Dancers: Moti Buchboot & Trish Sie
Special Thanks: Jennifer Kay Tyre, So Yun Um, Joanna Mayorga, Andy Green, Diane Castrup, Anthony Hartman, Jenny Oppenheimer, Roe Sie, Damian Kulash and Marjorie Kulash
Category: Music


  • Barbara Gilbert

    This routine is magic! The dancing hypnotic, and the changing colours and costumes add to the fascination that holds the attention in anticipation of what might come next. Superb!!

  • Judy Purves

    Love the video!

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