Popular Patchwork - Square Dance Tote

All-singing, all-dancing: new from Helen Butcher

Popular Patchwork May 2018

It's time to start planning your wardrobe for the season ahead and where better to begin than with a statement tote. Square Dance is the latest design from Helen Butcher and we think it's an eye-popper. Whether for shopping or heading to the beach, its capacious design will carry everything you need.

Says Helen: 

My aim was to achieve a pleasing contrast between the free-form shapes of improv piecing and a more rigid, traditional block structure. By arranging the blocks in columns with the same background colour, the eccentric inner squares seem to dance. I'm indebted to my friend Helen Howes, who first showed me this method of tote construction. It's so simple that anyone can tackle it - a real 'light bulb' moment!

Square Dance Tote by Helen Butcher Square Dance Tote by Helen Butcher

(Photography by Emma Sekhon for Popular Patchwork magazine.)

Improvised blocks will be as unique to you as your handwriting, so do not worry if your version does not look exactly the same as mine.

Find the Pack 'n Pattern for Square Dance here, and you'll be all-singing, all-dancing in no time!

Helen chose her own combination of shades which she has christened Parma Violet. However, as she points out, you could easily substitute any of our 8-colour Picks, along with your own choice of background.

Helen Butcher is one of our most popular designers, with a string of much-loved projects to her name. You can read about Helen's approach to colour and design in our designer spotlight.

Find out more about Helen at LittllePatchPockets


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