Starburst by Liz Wife

Starburst - the Visitors' Choice

Starburst [stärbûrst′]: an intense and sudden episode of star formation in a galaxy. ( 

We envisage long periods of intense activity as Liz Wife worked on her entry for this year's Festival of Quilts. All her effort was rewarded however, when Starburst was voted the Visitors' Choice. Liz is delighted - as are we - that she opted to use our shot cottons:

I love the way the Oakshott fabric makes it seem to glow. 

 Starburst by Liz Wife

Starburst called for a blend of techniques: machine piecing, hand appliqué and machine quilting. Hotfix crystals provided the final flourish. She continues: 

I originally created a miniature version of this quilt for a swap and was so pleased with it I decided to go large! I was inspired by a picture of the quilt Deconstructed Lonestar by Amy Struckmeyer, but chose to use appliqué for the shards in order to keep the geometric properties of the pieces.

Congratulations, Liz - we're as delighted and proud as you must be!

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  • Patricia Trout

    Would love this pattern! Its beautiful!

  • Sandra Derry


  • Marie Dodge

    Love this quilt do you sell the pattern? I love a challenge

  • Barbara mitsdarffer

    I would enjoy to try and make the star burst quilt.

  • Gavin

    Fantastic! seems there were so many quilts we didn’t see in our 2 days at the show if I knew it was your fabric I would have tracked it down !
    Will she be releasing a pattern ?

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