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Summer 2019 Brochure FREE DOWNLOAD

You're mulling over your next project, itching to pull some colours. You'll need all the options to hand - an extensive choice of shades alongside your current stash - because when the creative juices flow, that's the moment you'll want to make decisions.

Times like this allow no room for ordering and waiting for fabric samples to arrive. They're the reason we've created our new Shade Cards, available for individual ranges or combined into the Oakshott Summer 2019 Collections Brochure.

Summer 2019 Collections Brochure

Our Summer 2019 Collections Brochure is an at-a-glance guide to each of our colour palettes, collection by collection. Now available as a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD, it's a colour compendium that you can keep handy for quick reference, any time.

  • Options are easy to compare across the entire range eg all the blues, reds etc
  • Complementary and contrasting colours are never far away from one another
  • Download the complete Brochure or select specific collections
  • A palette of glorious colours at your fingertips, at the click of a mouse - no waiting, no shipping and FREE

For occasions when there's less urgency, nothing beats the thrill of holding our Labelled Fabric Sample Swatches. Watch them shimmer and change in the light, appearing to gain a third dimension. Notice their soft drape and reassuringly dense weave which holds its shape. All the characteristics which (as sewers frequently tell us) make our cottons such a delight to sew.

Labelled Fabric Sample Swatches

Whether you have an urgent project or a little more time to think, head over to our Samples & Shade Cards page and feast your eyes on our glorious palette of colours... and start planning!

Download the Summer 2019 Collections Brochure

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