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Tiger Tiger Table Mats project

Tiger Tiger Table Mats

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Smarten up your table with these elegant Tiger Tiger Table Mats - they're simple to make and very efficient on fabric usage. Just two fat 8th pieces of fabric are all you need to create the pieced top of one mat, so an 8-colour fat 8ths pack will very neatly make a set of four mats!

Colour-wise, a neutral or monochromatic colour palette such as our Metro Pack (seen here) can look chic. Or go wild with your own favourite colour scheme (check out our Colour Picks for a great selection). 

Look out for the pattern and instructions in the February issue of Sewing World and if you've made a New Year's resolution to brush up your skills, then justhands-on.tv has a step-by-step video tutorial. Valerie Nesbitt, the founder, offers lots of tips and advice on making this project. Sewing World readers can access the video for FREE simply by registering with the site (also for FREE). 

Tiger Tiger Table Mats_justhands-on.tv_Sewing World Tiger Tiger Table Mats

Are you unconvinced about monochromes? The term has lots of connotations and some people think they're restrictive. Yet monochromatic schemes provide wonderful design opportunities - they can attract attention and their visual cohesion can be powerful. Their variations in tone also work beautifully with added texture. Read about creating impact with monochrome.

Note: This project was adapted from an original 5-stripe Tiger block by Helen Howes, the designer of some of our most popular projects. Check out Helen's Morning Tiger Quilt, available as a free download, and meet the designer herself on our Designer page.

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