Valentine's Mini Quilt by Sarah Ashford

Glinting Like Gemstones

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to showcase the gorgeous Ruby Reds collection and I wanted to come up with a modern design that showed them off in all their glory. I opted for a geometric heart with the different shades of ruby red radiating from the centre, against a backdrop of grey to make them really pop. There is something reminiscent of a diamond in this design too, and what better way to celebrate your love than with hearts and diamonds!

So says Sarah Ashford, the designer of this stunning mini quilt, now available as a FREE download.


Valentine's mini quilt by Sarah Ashford
Ruby Reds Fat Quarter Pack 12 Colours

You can make it yourself with our Ruby Reds Fat Quarter Pack 12 Colours - currently on Special Offer + Free Shipping. (Check out our other Valentine's Offers whilst you're there.)

Our Ruby Reds ooze romance and passion, glinting like their gemstone namesakes. But hearts, diamonds and reds aren't just for Valentine's Day. Sarah's design lends itself equally well to table mats, cushions, wall hangings, quilts and more - designs that last the year round.

See more of Sarah's work at Sarah Ashford Studio or @sarahashfordstudio.

Discover the inspiration behind our Ruby Reds collection.

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